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Sunday, May 5, 2013

2004 Subaru Impreza trunk lock cylinder got loose

Yesterday on my routine grocery store drive, when I parked the car, opened the trunk (with my keys) and... WTF!?


Luckily the cable connected in the back saved its life (and my money). Not knowing how to fix it at that moment, I was left with no choice but taping it and driving around whole day like a poor ricer who fixes his own car with tapes. =.=|||

The next day I did some search on the internet, found no tutorial about fixing your runaway trunk lock. So I decided to write one, and hopefully it would help if you somehow run in to the same silly problem as mine.

Step 1: Open the trunk.
Step 2: Remove the five clips around the emergency trunk lid release handle (plastic made, be careful...).

Step 3: Put away the trunk lid release handle assembly, and you will see the lock cylinder hidden behind.

Step 4: The rod clamp used to clip the cylinder in position has come off, that's the problem. I found the missing rod clamp in the corner of the trunk lid.

How the rod clamp mounts visualized. But this should happen in the back side of the trunk lid.

Step 5: This is how it looks after you put the rod clamp back. That's it! So cheaply mounted :(  I 'm kind of surprise it just came of once in nearly ten years.

Finally, the tape has gone :)