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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


HyperPro是荷蘭的避震器大廠,最出名的應該是他們為各車型設計的漸進式(Progressive)前叉彈簧。說是為各車型設計啦,但是同樣沒有給我的Honda VTR250專用的前叉彈簧,去年在內湖柏霖的建議下,購買HyperPro為Honda Hornet 250設計的前叉彈簧來試試看。不過,到目前為止還是覺得有太硬的感覺,最近心血來潮直接寄信給HyperPro,說明現在的情形,希望他們可以提供一些設定上的意見。原本完全不期望他們會回應我,沒想到在我寄了第一封信後過了足足12天,忽然看到自己的GMail信箱多了一封英文信,一位HyperPro的Production B.V.(這是什麼職位?),Peter van den Bogaard,對我的問題做了回應。這幾天我們又mail往來了兩三封,下面是內容:

I am a owner of Honda VTR250 in Taiwan. I would like to use your
progressive fork springs for my bike; however, since you don't have
the spring kit available for VTR250, I have used the kit for Honda
Hornet 250 instead
( The
fork spring is shorter than the original ones in VTR250, so I made a
longer spacer to compensate. Could you please give me some other
advice to better tune this spring kit for VTR250 (eg. fork oil
viscosity)? Thank you!
Chun-Po Wang

In regards to better tuning this set , it is difficult to do that from a

distance .
However you can check the damping by pushing the bike when standing next
to it and check the movement after pushing .
Th bike should go back up and settle down in one go. if it moves more go
for one SAE grade higher , if it moves up to slow go one SAE grade thinner.
What airchamber do you use now The 140 mm as stated for the hornet?
check the braking,when you go to deep reduce the airchamber by 10 mm .

With kind regards

Peter van den Bogaard

Thanks for your reply!

According to my service manual of VTR250, I set airchamber at 105mm,
which is the same as the original setting. Should I use this default
setting of VTR, or use Hornet's 140mm instead? Thank you!
Chun-Po Wang

The airchamber is set for the original spring which is softer but also
has less volume then the hyperpro spring.
105mm can be a bit on the small side, however your bike has better
brakes and can handle more force to prevent diving.
best is to check how much stroke you are making when braking medium and
braking hard to a full stop.
braking medium is braking until 50 km and the release.
the should be a difference as when you brake to a full stop you normally
use full stroke (untill hydraulic stop).

it is a matter of fine tuning which most likely bring you closer to 105
then 140 mm .

With kind regards

Peter van den Bogaard


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